• Variel Tuffman is captain of the Elation-Cru.
  • Running from her past as a member of an elite group for the military
  • She served for years in the orc war where she got her tell-tale scar.
  • Now that past is catching up and blowing holes in her cover story and her ship.

  • Orn is the pilot for the ship
  • Dwarf extraordinaire!
  • He only takes one thing seriously, nothing
  • His greatest vice is for anything with sugar
  • Happily (generally) married to Ferra
  • Don't trust a word out of his mouth. The lies are too much fun.

“Hi, my name’s Orn. I fly this hunk of shit ship named after half its letters fell off. Clearly we’ve never met before or you’d know my wife. She's about 120 pounds of pure malice, and that’s on a good day.”
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  • Ferra Lidoffad is the engineer mage
  • She's a Tennen, aka a dark elf. They lived on the planet surface unlike those poncy Dulcens.
  • Filled with a fury that can't be contained in her 5' frame, you do not want to piss her off.
  • Her favorite spanner is named "squeakers."

  •  Taliesin is an elven assassin
  • Brena's younger brother
  • Together they've been renters on the Elation for 6 months
  • Being a Dulcen (high elf), Ferra can't stand him while Variel's been indifferent
  • A secret isn't all he's trying to hide

  • Brena is a bard
  • and Taliesin's slightly older sister.
  • She has a fascination with action movies,
  • changing her hair and face color,
  • and bad girls.
  • She's stuck traveling the galaxy while trying to get discovered and keeping her brother out of trouble.
  • The former is far easier than the latter.

  • Demi Monde is a young orc doctor,
  • Far more likely to heal your wounds than cause them
  • unless you piss him off.
  • Found himself in Variel's service running from his own people.
  • The bounty upon his horned head is ever increasing.
  • Gene is a non-corporeal djinn.
  • He traipses through the corporeal world in a suit made of volcanic rock.
  • For reasons no one on the ship can ferret out, Gene has taken a vow of silence.
  • You only know you've angered him by the smoke hissing through the cracks in his suit,
  • the red flames in the eye holes,
  • and his gigantic fist around your throat.
  • Try to not piss him off.

  • W.E.S.T is the Welcoming Engine of the Spaceological Tours
  • It pronounces its name Weest because it lives for inconveniencing organics.
  • Originally designed to welcome people aboard the cruise ship,
  • WEST now devotes its time to trying the patience of everyone on board.

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